Monday, November 16, 2009

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Liberalism is to blame on America's obsession with sex? My opinion Most definitely. This obsession with sex outside of marriage, pornography and music with sexual violence, is again on the destructive, drug experimentation, peacenik, hippie, and '60 's. Liberals back than with the statement: "If it feels good, do it." Liberals are also the application of non-destructive statement, even today. And look where it has brought us? So where decency, morality and values is gone from this country? Why are children who polluted their minds with porn instead of something constructive? (Porn degrades the value of women. She also teaches men not to think of women as sex objects, people.) Why America Champion and keep Hollywood bitches like Paris Hilton as a role model for our younger generation? Why is the genre of rap in the first place is only about sex, drugs and violence? And why is this genre of music is accepted as normal? And why the ACLU has defended porno perverse? God, please help America return to normalcy decency.Amen /
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